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Our Wedding

Dear family and friends,

you can't imagine how excited and happy we are to invite you to our wedding! You already know us as an adventurous and travel-loving couple, and it has always been our dream to celebrate our wedding in an extraordinary setting. That's why we decided to spend our special day in Italy - a country that has a very special appeal for us. Italy is known for "La Dolce Vita" and we would like to enjoy this sweet life to the fullest with you for a weekend.

Our journey together began already unsusual in the Philippines, where we spent our first days together as a couple. On the following journey through North-, Central- and South America, we were not only able to collect unforgettable memories, but also got to know new countries, landscapes and cultures, but also us as a couple and our relationship. 

After our exciting adventures we decided to move to Austria. Here we have found our new home and enjoy this land to the fullest. 

However, long before the actual planning of our wedding began, it was clear to us that if we were to get married, we would do it in Italy. 

And so, whenever we were in Italy, we kept our eyes open for suitable places and locations. 

On our last trip we went cycling for a day in Tuscany and then continued to a cozy property set in idyllic countryside in northern Umbria. During a short walk across the property, in the sunset and with a glass of wine, we made our decision very quickly. 

The picturesque hills, the romantic olive groves and the rustic elegance of the surroundings have enchanted us and made us feel like this is the perfect place to start the next chapter of our relationship.

Not only the breathtaking scenery makes Italy our dream wedding location, but also the warm hospitality of the people and the delicious Italian cuisine inspired us. We can't wait to celebrate our wedding with you in a relaxed and happy atmosphere, with good food, excellent wine and unforgettable moments.

We are already looking forward to welcoming you to Umbria and spending a unique weekend with you!

Isabel & Marvin

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